Discipleship At TBC

Our Discipleship Facebook PageOur Discipleship Facebook Page

As the Pastor of Discipleship I am constantly trying to find ways of inserting disicpleship help into my life and the lives of others. The speed of our lives and the mixture of physical and online spaces we work, communicate, share, play and live in makes this both challenging and exciting. I have recently started a Facebook Page where I hope to offer a range of ideas, supports, apps, site links, book references and other tools to help you walk your discipleship walk with Christ.

Nothing will ever replace being a part of a Christian community that preaches the Gospel and teaches the Word. And nothing will ever replace the personal commitment to daily devotional time with the Lord and study in His Word. But there are many ways to help support those two cornerstones and go even deeper as we walk the pilgrim walk.

As you can see in our "About" page on this website, "discipleship" is a value of our church community. It is, like may organizational values, both a present reality and an aspirational goal. We do value discipleship very highly, because it is the outward expression of our inward desire to love, obey and follow Christ in all we do. It is present because we can point to many ministries and acivities we engage in that are evidence of this. We also aspire to be better disciples as we go.

In the book "Everyday Church" Chester and Timmis write, "The context for pastoral care and discipleship is everyday life." I'm the pastor, trying to offer all the pastoral care, love support and encouragement I can so, as disciples, you can follow Christ in your everyday lives. I hope you will find what we offer in our church ministries, on this website and on our Facebook pages to be helpful.

And I'm always available for any kind of conversation about any of this. Just let me know what you need.


Pastor Brian